Combo Platters

- Taipei Special Soup
- Chicken Thai Soup
- Hot & Sour Soup
- Chicken Corn Soup
- Chicken Button Mushroom Egg Flower Soup
- Szechwan Soup


- Chicken Manchurian (With rice / Chowmein)
- Chicken with Almonds (With rice / Chowmein)
- Szechwan Chicken (With rice / Chowmein)
- Sizzling Chicken (With rice / Chowmein)
- Chicken Ginger (With rice / Chowmein)
- Chicken Chowmein (With rice / Chowmein)


- Garlic Prawns ( Black Pepper Sauce) (With rice / Chowmein)
- Sweet & Sour Fish (Red Sauce) (With rice / Chowmein)
- Prawn Chowmein (With rice / Chowmein)


- Honey Wings (16 Pic)
- Lucky Honey Wins - ( 5 L-Pic )
- Special Honey Prawns (Chafe Recommendations)
- Fried Wings + Desi Wings
- Masala Prawns (Chafe Recommendations
- Finger Chicken
- Chicken on Toast
- Finger Fish
- Fish Cracker
- Large Prawn Fired (With/Without ) Shell
- Fried Butterfly Prawns

B.B.Q Prawn

- Prawns on Toast
- Chicken Spring Roll
- French Fries
- Chicken Chops
- Prawn Chops
- Roasted Almonds
- Fried Cashew Nuts
- Yam Wonton


- Special Taipei Soup
- Chicken Thai Soup
- Sliced Chicken vegetable soup
- Sliced Fish Vegetable soup
- Sliced Beef vegetable soup
- Chicken Corn Soup
- Wonton Noodles Soup
- Special Noodles Soup
- Hot & Sour Soup
- Wonton Soup
- Special Wonton Soup
- Chicken Mushroom Soup
- Chicken Shrimp Mushroom Egg Flower Soup
- Chicken Mushroom Egg Flower Soup
- Taipei Szechwan Soup
- Tom Yam Kong (T.Y.K)
- Tom Yam Gae (T.Y.G)
- Prawn Noodle Soup
- Beef Noodle Soup
- Vegetable Noodle Soup
- Chicken Noodle Soup
- Chicken Mushroom Noodle Soup
- Tom Yam Kong (Coco Nut Cream Soup)
- Tom Yam Gae (Coco Nut Cream Soup)


Chicken Masala Rice

Mutton Chili Rice

Vegetable Rice

Beef Chilies Fired Rice

Taipei Special Fried Rice

Steamed Rice with Chicken & Mushroom

Egg Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Plan Rice


Prawn Chowmen

Beef Chowmen

Chicken Chowmen

Thai Chowmen (Spicy)

Chicken & Prawn Chowmen

Vegetable Chowmen

Taipei Special Chowmen

American Chopsey

Prawn Chopsey

Chicken Chopsey

Vegetable Chopsey

Taipei Special Chopsey


Fried Pamphlet with Ginger & Garlic Sauce

Garlic Fish

Steamed Fish or Pamphlet with Chinese Sauce

Fried Fish or Pamphlet in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Sweet & Sour Fish

Sliced Fish with vegetable

Steamed Fish or Pamphlet with Mushroom

Fish with Chilies & Vegetable

Fish & Chips

Prawn with Roasted Almonds

Hot Sauce Prawns

Garlic Shrimp

Garlic Prawns

Cream Prawn

Shrimp Manchurian

Prawn Manchurian

Large Prawn Fried In Shell (Sichuan Style)

Shrimp with chilies & Vegetable (Fish)

Shrimp with Mushroom & Vegetable (Fish)*

Sweet & Sour Prawn

Fried Crispy Prawn

Special Fried Prawn

Prawn Cutlets wit Brown Sauce

Fish Ginger

Paper Prawn

Prawn Ginger

Shrimp Ginger

Dhaka Prawn

Dhaka Fish

Prawn Stick


Chicken with Young Corn

Chicken Manchurian

Taipei Sichuan chicken

Chicken with Almond

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Chicken with mixed vegetable

Chicken with pineapple

Paper Chicken

Chicken with chilies & Onion

Black Pepper Chicken

White Pepper Chicken

Chicken with chilies & Vegetable

Chicken chilies Dry

Fried Spring chicken

Chicken Cutlet

Sliced chicken with Mushroom & Vegetable

Hot Sauce Chicken

Braised Spicy Chicken

Special Hot Plate Chicken

Chicken Drum Stick (8 Piece)

Tai Special Chicken (whole)

Sliced chicken with lime

Chicken with Button Mushroom in Garlic Sauce

Taipei Special Shaslic

Chicken Ginger

Special Tai Chicken

Taipei Sizzling Chicken

Special Bird Nest

Garlic Chicken

Dhaka Chicken

Rose Chicken

Chicken Stick

Mango Tango (Chicken with Mango)

Maryland Chicken (Chicken with Orange Juice)

Lucky Chicken

Cream Chicken

Special Thai Chicken B.B.Q Sauce

Stuff Chicken

Chicken Stack


Sliced Beef with Chilies & Onion

Sliced Beef with Chilies & Vegetable

Hot Sauce Beef

Sliced Beef with Vegetable

Sliced Hot Plate Beef

Sliced Beef with lime

Sliced Beef with Tomatoes

Sliced Beef with Mushrooms & Vegetable

Beef with Button Mushrooms In Garlic Sauce

Sweet & Sour Beef

Fried Beef with Green Chilies Dry

Beef Stack

Sliced Beef with Pineapple

Taipei Special Beef

Taipei Sizzling Beef

Smoke Beef Sausages (With Black Pepper Sauce)


Chicken Steamer Chinese & Thai Style Spicy (Regular & Large)

Prawn Steamer Chinese & Thai Style Spicy (Regular & Large)

Chicken Prawn Chinese & Thai Style Spicy (Regular & Large)

Wonton Vegetable Chinese & Thai Style Spicy (Regular & Large)

Fish Steamer “Mix Steamer” (Regular & Large)

Chicken + Prawns + Fish Steamer (Regular & Large)
Vegetable Steamer (Regular & Large)


Cold Drink

Diet Cold Drink

Orange Juice (Nestle Pure Orange)

Mango Juice

Fresh Lime with Cold Drink


Mineral Water (Small)

Mineral Water (Large)



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Safwan Janjua-Jr (28 Nov, 2012)

Really good food...

Khurram Jamil (10 Apr, 2012)

Fine. Had lunch buffet with friends. Worth eating place.

Raashid Muhammad (01 Mar, 2012)

I had a chance to try their lunch buffet- Food was delicious and staff was nice and courteous- Recommended to others

Hassan Taimur (28 Feb, 2012)

A Good Choice for Chinese lovers...!!!

Aisha Zafar (21 Feb, 2012)

A very good place for food lovers

Faisal Rehman (21 Feb, 2012)

Very Nice Chinese Restaurant in town.